Two brothers found dead in Davyhulme Park was suicide

Two brothers from Urmston were found hung on a tree in Davyhulme Park have been named as Neil and Paul Micklewright both aged 52.

The brothers were described as inseprable died in the park during the morning of July 31st.

Police taped off the scene up until both bodies were taken away one in a black private van and the other in a grey van, reports of an air ambulance taking them to hospital was false.

It is not known at this time why they took committed suicide,  their father apparently died around a decade ago.

Neighbours have said both brothers were very quiet and often wearing similar style of clothing, both were incredibly close and has devastated people who knew them.

Suicide in Trafford as a local GP told us is very high and has also mentioned the lack of support for people in the borough.

It can come through depression, the death of a loved one, even a relation break up, many are committing suicide due the benefit cuts, DWP do not and never will understand the devastation of having no money causes to someone.

We do not know what these brothers were going through.

If you are feeling a bit down or in a bad situation gladly help is out there, and its all confidential.

Samaritans are on hand at any time of the day or night click HERE for more information.


(Photo: Darren Marsden)

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