We can reveal how much it cost Trafford Council to buy Trafford Courthouse in Sale

Trafford Council who have taken ownership of Trafford Courts on Cross Street in Sale so they can build affordable apartments for people to live in have told us through freedom of information how much they paid for it.

The council tell us they paid a total sum of £4.3m inclusive of taxes and fees.

We have to ask where they found this money from? since they are always moaning they are skint!

It is right we need more houses and flats here in Trafford, so long as they go to people who have been on the housing list for at least a year, and those that have been waiting for more than a year get them first!

It is not known though at this time what the council will be building, it could be a mix of social and private housing, or just private housing which would not go down very well.

We agree with regeneration of Sale centre and the overall look of the place.



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