Amazon found to be misleading the public with its latest Prime advert

Amazon the online retailer has been told by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to take down its recent advert that claimed its items came with a prime one day delivery.

The advert also appeared on the website last christmas where it also claimed those with a prime membership would get next day delivery.

A small percentage of people complained to the ASA and as a result they decided it was misleading as all those that complained did not get a next day delivery.

A spokesperson from Amazon said: “Consumers were likely to understand from the ad that they would not have to pay to use the One-Day Delivery option, and that it was available on a selection of items. the ads did not promise a particular speed of delivery of a particular product. and they believed consumers understood from using the website, that individual delivery dates were displayed for each order and that they would have to check each item they were interested in purchasing to find out whether One-Day Delivery was available, and what the delivery date was with One-Day Delivery at that particular time to the address to which they wanted the item delivered. The speed of delivery of a future order could not form part of consumers’ decision about whether to sign up to Prime,  a customer’s later disappointment about the speed of a One-Day Delivery order should not render their marketing misleading.”

Although Amazon and the ASA stated that it was only a handful of people complained, we checked social media and comments from other sources and the majority were unhappy with the service Amazon provides.


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