Man with only his boxer shorts on goes on the rampage in Flixton

Police were called during the morning of Aug 11th after they received over 20 calls from the public that they saw a semi-naked male running down a road in Flixton with a machete.

The male was first seen on Delemere Road and further calls from the public that the man was roaming about the place acting in an extremely aggressive manner, he went on to damage vehicles and started waving the machete in a threatening way.

When officers located the man after a search they found him just wearing boxer shorts brandishing a large machete blade and holding his throat, he had blood all over his arms and upper body.

Police had no option but to taser the man and was then detained under the mental health act and taken off to hospital to treat his injuries and checked his mental state.

The man in his 40’s had no mental health issues after evaluation, it is thought the man had been using drugs and caused an episode.

He was charged with having a bladed weapon in a public place and criminal damage.



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