Heath Farm Lane housing development proposals in Partington on hold

Heath Farm Lane hybrid housing development in Partington proposals were put through to the council in July has many objections one of them being Highways England who are clearly not happy with the existing road plans.

As part of the development new roads around the development are to be built including a roundabout, Highways England are saying they do not recommend  that planning permission is granted until 31st October 2018.

Highways England are clearly concerned about the effects all this new traffic will do to Junction 8 of the M60 and to Manchester Road, Manchester New Road and Moss Lane.

Incredibly the development proposals were accessed traffic flows purely for 2028 which Highways England have said is completely unrealistic.

After reading the report it seems the developers need to have done more homework on the impact not just on local roads but also the M60 as traffic will no doubt back up towards Carrington Lane.

In one document seen we read that the intergreens for  modelling on Flixton Road and Carrington Road are incorrect, Existing phase delays have not been included in the modelling, and a few more issues the developer needs to go back to the drawing board with.

They got it wrong according to a document with modelling for Carrington Lane and Carrington Spur with 6 named inaccuracies.

The housing development could be abandoned if the housing developer cannot get its facts in order.

We completely are against this housing development until new roads are built, and existing Partington residents are not impacted by thousands of more people in the area with the current poor standard of shop and road infrastructure.

It also true that although we applaud anyone creating new cycle paths, we think all that will happen is they will use existing paths and plonk a bit of gravel on some of it and maybe a sign, rather than create a nice new path out towards Sinderland Lane.



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