Hurst Avenue in Sale looks more like a connect 4 board than a road

One Trafford have done a very good job in mending our roads, however some localised issues continue to be a problem.


Photo: Darren Marsden

Hurst Avenue in Sale is one of those problems, with all the rings around all the potholes it looks more like a connect 4 board than a road.

This part of the road which actually is on the junction of Cherry Lane is in such bad condition we are making it our worst bit of road of 2018! just ahead of the dreadful and dangerous surface we reported to One Trafford in Partington.

Some other roads have not even been touched for example we reported two huge potholes that could overturn a vehicle coming from the country lanes into Partington Moss Lane at the side of the park.

Carrington Lane has cracks in the surface deep enough to throw a road cyclist of his bike! huge potholes around grids can still be seen on Washway Road in Sale, just a couple of the many roads that have not even been checked yet.

We ask you to report all problems to One Trafford as soon as you can, get the log number! the more people do this the better and the more safer things will be for all road users.

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