Your Housing Group fails to deliver on its promise to give Partington a £150m face lift

Your Housing Group in Partington has a dreadful reputation, many people who we have spoken to are sick and tired of them.


Photo: Darren Marsden

We have a document here that told us that ‘Partington over the summer will be getting a £150m face lift’ they also claim that hubs was to be installed so that the residents could have a say in what was going on.

At this time and we are now fast approaching September nothing has happened so far!

Consultations were underway long before we got this document earlier this year and must now have some idea what people want.

Partington needs a new shopping area at Oak Road, it will need it more than ever if both the Heath Farm Lane and Warburton Lane housing developments are approved.

The time is right to get some of that £150m to bulldoze the existing shopping area which is just about standing, it might be that the redbrook pub could be re-opened as part of any new development.

Tulip Road flats are a disgrace, they may look fine from the outside, they are certainly not from the inside, the walls are like tissue paper, zero soundproofing, poor security, we know that in between the top and the bottom flats is a gap where other people can crawl into another flat with shocking ease! the rooms are freezing cold even with the radiatirs on, the central heating systems that was in place before 2009 were dreadful and it is likely the same heating systems are still in them flats.

The housing group who locked the doors of Gilmour House in recent times, shutting out the very people that keep the business alive was a complete insult, we have had many messages from residents telling us that they can no longer see anyone, and that the people they did see are no longer available.

The call centre is much like a Vodafone call centre, not really understanding your issues, more so if you have anti social behaviour problems, if that is the case getting to see a legal co ordinator is going to be incredibly difficult, they will have breathed a sigh of relief when the decision was made to close the doors at the housing groups HQ on Wood Lane.

Now they can email people and lie out of there backsides about coming to see them, when they do not have to now! this is a big issue in Partington and the bit of Sale where they have property.

The government need to step in with dodgy housing groups, we have heard of shocking stories with other housing groups where people have been sleeping in damp conditions, where they would not fix issues that could threaten the health of an individual or individuals.

We do not buy at all that these housing associations have no money, it is simply a load of rubbish, having checked the profit made by ‘Your Housing Group’ they are not short of a few quid!

It may be after this article Your Housing Group actually do what they say and give Partington the money they have been promised, any money, any improvemnt is better than nothing and if so we will congratulate the housing group despite the delay.

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