Trafford Centre’s plans for a new cycle lock up dome is a secure winner!

Bike theft at the Intu Trafford Centre is believed to be the highest anywhere in Trafford if not Manchester, so bosses at the centre have now decided to put an end to bike theft and have submitted proposals for a brand new secure bike shelter.

Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 11.58.50 AM

The shelter will store 60 cycles, it will be 12.3m in length 5.68m in width and 2.31m in height and located south and east of the bus station.

The dome-shaped lock up will provide excellent security where cyclists  will have to use a swipe card to get in and out.

We expect the proposals to be passed by Trafford Council planning and hope that bosses at the Intu Trafford Centre either extend the dome or build another one in the near future to further enhance its cycling friendly image.


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