One Trafford to trial a re-designed junction in Sale due to road safety issues

One Trafford offered a letter to all residents around the A56/The Drive junction that it had plans to trial out a re-design of that junction to make things safer for all road users.


If the 14 day trial is a success it will be permanent.

The plan is to reduce the number of lanes on The Drive from two to one from the roundabout towards the A56 Washway Road junction, One Trafford claim that reducing lanes from two to one will deter people coming in from Manor Avenue and would end the issue of drivers trying to get on the A56 south bound from the wrong lane.


Photo: Darren Marsden

Traffic will be bad for a while until people find an alternative way, if it is because of Manor Avenue then it is expected Woodhouse Lane would be much busier than normal.

Washway Road Action Group members have been in contact with the council, One Trafford and ward councillors for months about how bad things are at the junction, many rightly worried a bad accident could happen.

Greater Manchester Police also came out to deal with the situation the best they could.

Group leader Simon Burrows said: “Good to see plans going ahead and soon, great result for all those involved, lets see how it goes but hopefully will be successful and permanent”

Signs will be put up as part of the trial which will start at Link Road/Manor Avenue


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