Slimming World mum Suzanne Hadcock lost an amazing 3 and a half stone and now wants to help others

Suzanne Hadcock lost an incredible 3 and a half stones at her local Slimming World in Urmston and became woman of the year and now wants to help others with weight issues.

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Suzanne was a size 20 before she started going to her local Slimming World in Urmston, her love of food meant she munched through high calorie foods rich in sugar and saturated fats.

It was January 2015 she and her friend went to the Slimming World club, Suzanne was motivated in shedding the pounds for a holiday that was booked in May that same year,  Suzanne said: “It was my daughters dream for us to swim with dolphins while we were away and although I booked it I was dreading that I wouldn’t fit into a wetsuit or if I did I would be the biggest person there.

“I was nervous when I walked into the group for the first time but was shocked at how we were made to feel very welcome by our consultant and all the members. Everyone in group was so nice and chatty and I could tell that I was going to enjoy getting to know everyone.

Suzanne was a little sceptical at first with the food choices and the plan she was on, since all other diets had failed however she was proven completely wrong and in that fist week she had already lost 4lb!

Suzanne added. ‘As a family we soon started to enjoy planning our meals so we knew what we were having. I made simple changes, enjoying cooked breakfast, lovely fresh dinners including our family favourite chicken curry with onion bhaji’s. My husband now cooks everything slimming world friendly for the whole family too!’

By the time the holiday came around both Suzanne and her daughter had lost an amazing 2 stone and felt fantastic! Suzanne said ‘Our dreams came true and we had an amazing experience swimming with the dolphins and I felt confident in my wetsuit too!’

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Suzanne has gone on to lose 3 and a half stone and has recently won the woman of the year award at her local slimming world group. Suzanne is feeling so great about her new-found confidence that she is now looking to help others to achieve the same. She re-launches the Saturday Humphrey Park Community Centre, Urmston Group on Saturday 1st September at 8am or 10am.



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