Holiday makers die in Egypt more investigations are needed

When holiday makers John Cooper 69 and his wife 63 from Burnley in Lancs stayed at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic resort in Hurghada but sadly both were found dead on Tuesday.

The cause of Mr Coopers death is currently being put down as a heart attack, it is not clear why his wife died at this time although some reports suggest she died from heart failure after seizures a few hours later.

Thomas Cook decided it was to risky for other guests to be at the hotel and removed them all, many came back to Manchester and it is believed the company are offering them all a new holiday or a refund.

The daughter of the two who died claims that they were both in good health and it does not add up as to why they died.

It is believed some other holiday makers have also fallen ill at the hotel although no one died.

Nothing can be ruled out at this stage as investigators try to find out the cause of the death of Mr and Mrs Cooper.

The incident looks very suspicious and soon as the result of the investigations are known we will publish a new article.

Egypt itself is an incredible country, and take the health of tourists very seriously, no other hotel is affected.


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