Pro cyclist wants wearing a cycle helmet made compulsory in the UK

Geraint Thomas who won the Tour De France this year, has been speaking in a national newspaper suggesting that wearing a cycle helmet must be made compulsory.

We agree, it should have happened many moons ago, cycling on our roads is incredibly dangerous, not just because of the motorists but the condition of the roads, which you will agree have become really bad more so here in Trafford.

Thomas commented in the article “I would certainly make helmets compulsory,”

He went on to say “I always wear a helmet and “I’ve put on a helmet more times than I’ve buckled a seatbelt.

“Helmets have come on a lot — well ventilated, not too hot, you don’t look stupid — no reason not to.”

A cycle helmet now is much cheaper, more aerodynamic and look great, in the early days they were overpriced looked ugly and no one would buy them.

Wearing a helmet does not mean a driver would be more likely to hit you, some people even cyclists are suggesting such things, of course there will always be opposition! someone who does not agree, however the majority agree it is better with a helmet on rather than have no protection at all.

For cycle helmets to be made compulsory it would take sometime to make law, we think though everyone should be wearing a helmet before any possible changes in law take place indeed if they ever do.

Even wearing a helmet may not save your life though, it all depends on fate, your helmet could save your head but the impact on your body might be to severe and you could die, as there is no way of knowing what could happen when someone knocks over a cyclist more so at speed it would still be better to have one om.

Some helmets have aerodynamic advantages, so if you want to get somewhere that bit faster maybe one of these would be more suitable, the other advantage is your head wont get wet if it rains! and it keeps the windchill down a bit.



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