Big changes to the Animal Welfare Act in October means anyone selling a dog will be classed as a business

If you are a breeder of dogs you will need to understand the new laws that come into force on October 1st.

You will need to be licensed if you sell three or more litters in a year and anyone who sells a dog even just once will be classed as a business and will need a licence.

So from October 1st to sell a dog online or in a shop window will need to show licence details and along with the dog you are trying to sell must come with it accurate information including the age of the dog, and its vet history.

To gain this new licence you will need to satisfy the rules about looking after a dog or dogs, one of the conditions is the dog must have a separate play area than its sleeping area and puppies below 8-weeks must not be removed from its mother unless a vet decides otherwise.

If you are unemployed or disabled and sell a dog this will go against the terms and conditions of getting that benefit whatever you are on and you could end up being struck off since now you are listed as a business.

The new laws will help protect animals and kill off dealers who do not care one bit about the animals they are selling, only caring about the profits they make, many animals including puppies die in transit or where they are kept due to poor sanitation and lack of food and water.

Some could even die due to stress and isolation more so if they are a puppy, the animal often will have been in the world a few weeks, its cruel and lets hope this new law ends the problem.


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