Small rise in crime in Trafford for the month of June

Trafford’s recorded crime figures are not so bad, we are aware that police are no longer reporting many types of crimes so the figures will be much higher in different parts of the borough.

With the irresponsible actions of this government police are having to cut back and have lost over 2000 officers! what is more shocking some of us are accepting this and they should not be! none of us should feel unsafe either indoors or outside, many are though! as the ruthless Tory government continues on towards a United States style UK.

We have the figures for June 2018 for many areas of Trafford in random order:

  • Partington: 109 worst road with 14 recorded crimes was Hampshire Road
  • Sale Town Centre: 63
  • Altrincham Town Centre: 95
  • Altrincham West: 58
  • Stretford: 65
  • Longford West Stretford: 145
  • Longford East Stretford: 118
  • Timperley Central: 26
  • Timperley East: 36
  • Timperley West: 38
  • Broadheath: 42
  • Trafford Park: 51
  • Brooklands Sale: 31
  • St Mary’s East: 30
  • Woodsend: 20
  • Flixton: 49
  • Urmston Town Centre: 28
  • Urmston: 38
  • Davyhulme East 51
  • Carrington 7

It is vital you contact police either on 101 or the new chat service online if not an emergency and 999 in an emergency, you can also report crime anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Taking steps to making sure you are not a victim of crime whilst outside will help, not leaving your mobile device in your back jeans pocket! keep all expensive stuff in a zipped front pocket, handbags under the arm pit at all times, never leave anything on a table or under it! even if it looks safe.

Keeping yourself switched on means you are much safer than someone who has his or her head down and looking slouchy, you need to keep your head up and tuned in to your environment, doing this will help you avoid situations, you are also less likely to be attacked as many attackers prey on those that cannot fight back.

If you are out in the early hours of the morning, you must not go it alone, take a licenced cab more so if you are a woman, if you do not want to go home by a cab bring a group of people or even just a freind.

We see some younger members of the public carrying dangerous weapons, this is not only against the law, it also could be used against you! the best form of defence is keeping switched on! and get involved with a martial art if you are able to do so.




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