Mobike pulls out of Manchester

Mobike had warned that if the theft and vandalism of its cycles around Manchester continued it would pull out of our city, and sadly that day has now come.

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The firm will now be collecting all its working bikes and we shall never see them on our roads again.

When Mobike was launched in July 2017 the firm said that the people of Manchester made 250,000 trips cycling over 180,000 miles.

Jan Van der Ven, General Manager of Mobike, UK said: “We are very grateful to the City of Manchester to have been the first city in Europe
to welcome Mobike. However, after careful evaluation, we have decided to remove
our bikes and refund our users. As a private company, we have a duty to ensure our
revenues cover our costs since unlike some operators we do not use taxpayer money
to help balance our books. Unfortunately the circumstances in Manchester have not
made this possible.”

Mobike also said that people will be refunded shortly and that they still can use their accounts in other city’s in the UK.



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