Burt Reynolds dies aged 82

Movie star Burt Reynolds who starred in films like Smokey and the bandit and Cannonball run has died aged 82.

Burt was born on Feb 11th 1936 in Lansing Michigan US.

He made his film debut in 1961 appearing in Angel Baby, his TV roles in Gunsmoke and Dan August helped get him big movie roles, he starred in White Lightening in 1973 and Smokey and the bandit in 1977 amongst other well-known films.

He starred in other big films like Malone in 1987, All dogs go to heaven in 1989, Dukes of Hazard in 2005 including The Longest Yard in the same year.

Burt was not just an actor he was also a director and producer he made his directorial debut in 1976 with the film Gaitor.

Reynolds who has had some heart issues previously died of a cardiac arrest at a hospital in Florida,



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