Schools and colleges warned about asbestos in science equipment

The health and Safety Executive has issued a warning to schools about asbestos being found in Bunsen Burner wire gauzes from two suppliers.

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The wire gauzes sit beneath the bunsen burner for its heat resistant properties, the problem is asbestos has been used and although only two suppliers have so far been found to be supplying these gauzes the Heath and Safety Executive are telling schools and colleges to treat all gauzes as if they all was made from asbestos and dispose of all of them in the proper way.

The HSE has also said although the gauzes contain asbestos, pupils and students do not have to worry as the amount of fibres released would have been minimal.

For further information please click here >>> http://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/wire-gauzes.htm?utm_source=hse.gov.uk&utm_medium=referrals&utm_campaign=asbestos-bunsen-burners&utm_term=home-page-news&utm_content=advice


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