Three hurricanes in the Atlantic with more than just wind to worry about

Three hurricanes race east towards the United States from Africa have more than just wind and rain associated with them and forecasters have not yet said anything about it.

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Image: Nullschool

The african continent is currently having sand and dust storms and pollution is off the scale in the country with particulates at dangerously high levels, the dust and sand has merged with the hurricanes more so with Helena.

Florence will make landfall sometime next week and is expected to bring with it  over 70mph winds and rain that will flood some places on the eastern side of the US, it brings with it some pollution.

The third storm Helena will bring with it dust and sand and a lot of particles, we feel this is the one to watch for the US.

We have been told that one of these storms will make its way towards the UK although by then it will not be a hurricane.

The UK has its own storm systems and we can see one just north and west of us, it will bring with it stronger winds and rain for the north of the country at some point next week.

One thing is for certain this winter is going to be a bad one, high winds and rain expected.


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