Sun observatory and area surrounded by it in lockdown and no one knows why

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A sun observatory in the US and the area surrounding it is in lockdown and no one knows why.

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Local media in the US report that the FBI came in cleared everyone out including a nearby post office and are not telling anyone what is going on, even the police and authorities have not been told anything.

The observatory in Sunspot New Mexico, located within Lincoln National forest at an elevation of 9,200ft, the telescope that observes the sun is called ‘The Dunn telescope’

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With the silence from the FBI who have been seen checking the equipment and apparently a helicopter was seen landing at the site, suspicions that they may have found something either on the site or even on the sun itself is growing.

Having viewed several videos it does look very suspicious, the fact that the local police have not been told what is going on is also very odd.

One resident has said it could be a hoax as they have had many, however had it been a hoax the FBI would not have taken so much time about this and the area is still in lockdown.

We will keep a close eye on what is going on for more information about the observatory click here https://sunspot.solar/




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