Trafford Lib Dems Councillor calls for the elimination of single use plastics in the UK

Following on from her support of Trafford Green Party’s local motion on Single Use Plastics in Trafford, Cllr Jane Brophy took the mantle straight to her parties Autumn Conference in Brighton.

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Plastic has had big coverage this year and rightly so, the oceans,and our canals and rivers are full of it, it is likely this plastic will already be in the food chain as fish of all types begin to think the plastic pellets are food.

We think banning all plastics will be a task to great for most companies, however we can reduce it the bare minimum, charging money for plastic bags is only a way to make money, it is not believed that bags bought at shops and supermarkets have fallen.

For it to work we would like to see the end of plastic bags entirely, use strong paper bags instead for some items.

Big drinks companies need to get in on the act as most of the plastic found on our beaches are drinks bottles, anything is better than nothing right now, let’s play our part in getting rid of plastics.

Boycotting plastic drinks where possible, this must include at sports events, the biggest pile of plastics I have ever seen was seen at a drinks station whilst the Manchester Marathon was taking place, again though who is going to have the answer as to where drinks are going to go? can you put them in cartons? it is one for a company to visit science for an answer.

It is not just drinks and bags that cause issues, even some things we wear can cause plastics to end up in the sea.

We applaud Jane on what she has achieved and to be the first in Trafford to really show that she and her party cares greatly about the environment and are prepared to do something about it.

At the conference in Brighton Jane said ”It is vital that we link reducing plastics to our strong Lib Dem principles on sustainable development.

 ”Calling on a legally binding international treaty on plastics reduction and offering assistance to developing countries.’

”People are increasingly scared of growing environmental threats and dangers to our planet. Eliminating plastics from our lives, and encouraging others, is something we can all do to mitigate these dangers.”

The motion passed with overwhelming support from delegates present, confirming the party’s commitment to the environment, and continuing the hard work already done by many Liberal Democrat Councillors the length of the country.


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