Huge bug infestation causes nightmares for a small family in Stretford


A family from Stretford have had to put up with big bug infestations for almost a year because it seems no solution can be found.

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Chloe who lives on Ripon Road in Stretford with her boyfriend and two children are living in horrific conditions, she tells us that bugs of all types crawl over the carpets and walls and often can be seen on bedding and clothes.

Cockroaches have even been found in her baby’s milk!

The housing provider who she tells us is Trafford Housing Trust have come out to tackle the problem, she tells us even Environmental Health have tried to sort the issue, however it seems nothing has worked.

Chloe tells us that she has contacted her MP Kate Green and awaiting a response.

To add to the problems, Chloe has some anxiety issues, she has told her GP about the problems she and her family are facing.

THT have a duty of care for this family, they need to either properly sort this families situation out with immediate effect or move them to another property either as a temporary measure or permanent.

We feel her MP Kate Green will be completely shocked as we are to hear of Chloe’s situation and expect the Labour MP to sort this out.

News4Trafford will be tracking what happens so that Chloe and her family can live in a nice bug free home.



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