Talking Point “Neighbour Nuisance” tackling the urban terrorists

We get many emails about neighbour nuisance and felt it was time we spoke about this and get the landlord to deal with issues that are now becoming out of control on many estates and roads in Trafford.

Neighbours can be dreadful or great, it is hit and miss and most of the issues when neighbours become a problem are to do with noise.

For a neighbour who experiences banging on the walls, toxic smells, flooding issues, stalking and so on this is where the landlord needs to step in, and often they do not! this is where the issues are.

Looking at opinion and emails we see ‘Your Housing Group’ in Partington at the top of the list for a housing provider doing next to nothing to help people with neighbour issues, it seems they have a very poor standard in dealing with issues of neighbour nuisance and made even worse since they shut the doors at Gilmour House on Wood Lane in Partington.

To the poor individual who is suffering right now, we can understand your stress and worry, it seems these what we call Urban Terrorists target vulnerable people, or those that live alone, and it is not always younger people who is up to no good! older people are also at it and know they will get protection from both police and the housing group because of their age, and of course they will use tactics to try to gain even more sympathy which normally works!

Some older people (NOT ALL) are much worse! they have lived a lot longer than any of us and know every trick in the book, know your every move which to someone who is having issues with them is very unhelpful and incredibly frustrating, it will seem as if the housing group and even the police are calling the victims liars! with no one listening or watching your evidence it could seem that way.

As you may be vulnerable maybe with some mental health issues or some other medical problems the people who are supposed to be looking after your best interests could be causing even more problems, since they are chattering behind your back telling the housing group how paranoid you are! even if you are actually telling the truth, even with your significant proof! this is a hurdle you must try to jump, however if this is the case then you will not be listened to and your problems will only escalate.

Moving home seems the best solution, your ego may well be suggesting to stay put and why should you have to move, however it is your sanity you now need to be protecting and not your ego, some neighbours are so ‘sly’ it is beyond belief, and even when you do end up moving they will just wait for the next victim, they may even follow you! depends on how bad things are.

It is not really known why some people are so horrible and nasty, it could be a range of reasons why they do not get along with other people, some are just complete b”””s others need some help in their own lives, either way this is where the housing group or provider needs to step in before it goes too far, and we are all too aware that Your Housing Group that deals with Partington and a bit of Sale does nothing other than offer media lame excuses.

If you are having problems please contact us, we will never use anyones names if we decide to publish some of your experiences.


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