Special things are happening in Davyhulme Park

Davyhulme Park is in the hands of some special volunteers that are making this park one of the best in Trafford.

It has had its troubles, like many parks, then Davyhulme Park Group was created to help keep things ticking over, cleaning up and making the park something special for all walks of life.

A group of volunteers have transformed this park into the best looked after in the borough, the love these people have for this park is incredible, the updates and excellent pictures taken can be seen on their Facebook page.

Park groups all over Trafford have amazing volunteers doing there bit to help save these precious green spaces, the cleaner and nice these places are the less likely criminals will want to hang out and make it a no go zone.

In recent times Davyhulme Park got help from Stagecoach Manchester to create a sensory garden in the park, with the help of One Trafford and Davyhulme Primary School they have made something that everyone will appreciate forever.

Take a bow Davyhulme Park Group you’re an inspiration to all other park groups who are also doing great things, to Trafford and to the many people who come to your park and leaving with a smile because of your efforts, well done to all of you!



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