Study reveals microplastics found in sea salt

A study by Environmental Science and Technology reveals microplastics were found in sea salt and other salts in 16 countries around the world.

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A total of 39 brands produced at different sites world-wide were tested and found they had micro plastics mixed in with salt, 28 brands of sea salt were also found to contain microplastics.

A wide range of Micro plastic content per kg of salt was found: 0–1674 kg (excluding one outlier of 13 629 n/kg) in sea salts, 0–14 kg in rock salt, and 28–462kg in lake salt.

A lot of micro plastics were found in Asia said the study, however looking at the map we can see European countries having the same issue.

Microplastics are in the food chain, the world needs to get a grip of this situation and eliminate plastics where possible.


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