Ronaldo greeted by fans on and off the pitch as his Juventus team wins at Old Trafford

Manchester United came into the Champions League game versus Juventus tonight in a much more confident mood and the same team for the last two games.

It was a nervous start with even Cristiano Ronaldo having to breathe deeper and thats before he got on the Old Trafford pitch.

The nerves were still around in the first half as both teams found it difficult to settle, United though kept with the pace, despite this Juventus looked more like a lion waiting for its prey, just waiting to pounce at the right time.

The right time came as Juventus scored on 17 minutes with Dybala hitting the back of the net, United fans must have thought ‘Here we go again’ however the team did very well for the rest of the half, with Pogba the only player from United to have any effort on the Juventus goal.

Lukaku might aswell not have turned up, although now and then he shown some good link up plays and running, he was no threat up front.

In the second half the game belonged to David De Gea and Cristiano Ronaldo who stole the show, De Gea keeping the score respectable, with save after save, the best of which was from a magical strike by Ronaldo, with De Gea making sure it went over the crossbar.

United defender Lindelof deserved more than a rocket shot from Ronaldo in the gut when the final whistle came, he played one of the best games for United tonight.

As the players came off the cameras were on Ronaldo who then had to deal with a United fan who came on the hopefully greet him, some fans get a bit excited when Ronaldo is around, he probably was just a fan and wanted to be with his idol, on the other hand Manchester United security staff could not take any chances.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 12.27.47 AM

The fan was also trespassing, and was taken down to the ground where Ronaldo overlooked what was taking place, another fan could be seen trying to see Ronaldo and again security was successful in dealing with that other fan although was not taken to the ground.

The game will sadly be remembered for what happened at the end of the game, more than some of the best saves from De Gea and strikes from Ronaldo we have ever seen.


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