Spooky fun in Walton Park one of the biggest family events in Sale

Halloween comes to Walton Park and this year its bigger than ever, and its set to get more spooky.


Image: Darren Marsden

The biggest draw is the steam train ghost ride wich is so much fun for kids and adults alike, you even get to go in the ghost tent which has been extended this year.

A larger fair is on due to the good weather, refreshments are available for all the family.

The park group does a great job in putting this on giving all the family a real spooky treat.


Image: Darren Marsden

Lots of people were arriving in the park when it was light and expect it to get even more busy as it goes dark.

If you’re a cyclist coming north bound be aware that someone has taped off the first and second entrance and as it is not reflective and set back you will not see it and could end up coming off your bike, no notices seen on the canal bank either! maybe a spooky surprise.

This Halloween event is sure to be one of the best ever, we congratulate the organisers for running this event in freezing cold conditions in such a great way despite the taping off cycle routes issue that clearly needs to be sorted out.


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