Drivers trying to beat the lights causing pedestrians and cyclists needless worries

Talking point:

Motorists trying to beat the lights is causing pedestrians and cyclists needless worries on a dangerous and polluted road in Trafford.

Washway Road in Sale has seen some serious incidents and sadly some have died, We have done a study at the Eastway Junction and at the pedestrian crossing facing Papa Johns to see how many vehicles are trying to beat the lights.

It is expected the type of behaviour seen at Eastway and at the pedestrian crossing further up the road is happening in all parts of Trafford.

In one hour at the pedestrian crossing near to Langdale Road data shows that 23 cars and 5 vans increased speed so they could get through before it went on red, 6 cars went through red lights and two of these oddly stopped at the pedestrian crossing then suddenly continued whilst pedestrians were walking across the road.

We have seen the same issues at Eastway Junction, even worse drivers thinking they can go through on red just because they are behind another vehicle that was on a yellow has been seen many times.

Going through on yellow is not a crime, however going through at such a fast speed is crazy and makes already nervous pedestrians and cyclists even more nervous, we are also incredibly concerned for disabled users at the Eastway lights and more so at the crossing.

Disabled people on electric mobility scooter are sometimes known to expect drivers to stop on red, right they are, however last night a DHL van driver gained speed so fast that if anyone had gone out into the road only a few inches would have been killed outright.

Common sense must be a factor here and we ask all motorists, even though it is not a crime to go on yellow, not to be trying to get across before the red light, for the sake of not only yourself but for others, just for the sake of a few minutes waiting.


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