100 years for the fallen concert at Sale Waterside coming soon get your tickets now!


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Preparations are underway for this prestigious concert that will be held on November 10th at The Robert Bolt theatre at Sale Waterside at 7.30pm.

The concert will include music from Sale Brass Band and The Meadway Youth Choir which will include a variety of music and poetry,  the concert will have marches and singalongs from 100-years-ago, and the iconic poetry of  Wilfred Owen read by Trafford Labour councillor and Mayor of Trafford Tom Ross, John McCrea will also be speaking during the evening.

As the concert gets into full swing it will also include moments of relection, musically and visually depicting the horrors of The Great War.

Interspersed with the band and choir performances will be a series of short sketches following the experiences of ten men from Sale who fought in WW1 but never came back home.

Concert profits will be donated to The Royal British Legion, Broughton House care home for ex-service men and women, and The Cheshire Military Museum who assisted in our research.

Tickets are available from Waterside Arts Centre now and cost £8, ring 0161 912 5616 or book online by going to  www.watersidearts.org


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