Saica paper mill in Partington could soon be a much bigger problem for residents

Saica paper mill on Manchester Road in Partington has asked for planning permission for a new recycling facility for waste paper sorting, baling, outdoor bale storage area, and associated infrastructure.

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Residents in Partington in the past have complained about the company from light pollution to toxic smells and noise.

We have ourselves asked about the toxic smells, Saica confirm that it is only steam, many are not convinced it is steam, as a result of our interest the company has reduced the toxic smells in Partington.

The proposed development may mean more light pollution and more noise, although it will be hard to know until it is built if any light and noise pollution will affect people in Partington, mostly around Broadway and Manchester Road.

Documents seen about current pollution levels in the area suggest all is fine, the documents did not say anything about PM 2.5 or the emissions from the plant, it also did not include higher pollution rates in the near future with the new Carrington village and the hybrid housing development on Heath Farm Lane.

The area where the plant is, will soon be all residential, it is therefore very likely many will start complaining, making it harder than ever for that plant and others to operate.

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