Rock salt in grit could cause kidney damage if ingested by your pets

Rock Salt in winter grit that is spread on our roads keeps us all safe but could be bad for your pets.

As winter starts to bite and the roads get slippy, councils up and down the UK add grit to the roads,within this grit is rock salt.

Rock salt can be a real danger to your pets if they lick it off their paws or fur, even a small amount of rock salt in a cat or dogs system can be very dangerous to pets.

Once the animal has ingested rock salt it can result in a high blood sodium concentration which can cause thirst, vomiting and lethargy and in severe cases there is a risk of Kidney damage and convulsions.

The way it gets in there mouths is when the rock salt from the roads start to irritate the paws or if the animal has scratched itself with the same paws and tried to lick it off.

If he/she is showing any signs of discomfort after possible exposure to rock salt, use a mild, pet-safe shampoo and warm water to
wash the affected areas, and dry your pet’s fur completely with a towel after washing.

Any animal suspected of ingestion of rock salt must be assessed by a vet immediately. This is important as signs can be non-specific and a blood test will be required to check the blood sodium concentration. Immediate veterinary treatment will be needed to rehydrate the animal
and stabilise their sodium levels.

The exact treatment will depend on the blood sodium concentration and the animal’s clinical condition. Owners should never attempt to induce vomiting; only a vet should do this.

Whilst we need the grit in the winter,make sure if your pooch or cat has gone out to check paws and fur and wash off the grit.

Another poison for cats is anti-freeze, just one drop could cause the cat to develop kidney problems, make sure this winter you take great care to make sure your anti-freeze is not spilt and keep your anti freeze in a safe place.

Taking these precautions ensures your lovable pet will stay healthy and happy this winter time.


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