Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington update

The landscape on Heath Farm Lane in Partington looks more likely than ever to getting the thumbs up by planners.

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With 200 documents some of which shown some concerns for the new housing development, the latest documents were revised plans for the design of the new houses and flats, some semi detatched and others terraced housing.

We reported in recent times that the project looked ‘dead in the water’ as Highways England were unhappy about road infrastructure, although no further information is to hand about this or if any comprimises have been met.

New documents suggest all is back on track, the new houses look very nice, and the layout looks modern.

We have been told as part of the plans no new shop infrastructure is to be built, the only roads being built is on the site at Heath Farm Lane and apparently the A1 road is to re open for emergency services.

The fears are thousands of new cars, vans etc will be on the roads, all these new people will eat away of what little Partington has now, which means existing residents will suffer in the long-term.

We do not believe the housing developers of either the Future Carrington site or Heath Farm Lane have even thought about the other developments, such as the Warburton Lane one which is also a hybrid.

The peel development at Lock Lane may one day see the light of day providing another 550 new properties, another 16 new homes are to be built by Peel on the site where the old doctors and library used to be, 28 new homes are being built on Lock Lane as we speak.

Ask yourself how many more people will all this total up to? we can only give estimates, is this good for Partington? remembering no new infrastructure is being built, Your Housing Group £150m fantasy could have gone to building a new shopping centre on Oak Road.

Getting rid of the run down shopping block on Oak Road and developing a nice ultra modern shopping area with better security would be of great benefit for the area.

It is not doom and gloom! having around 4000 more people in the area would boost the economy, new friends will be made,maybe even new Facebook groups will come about campaigning about the regular traffic jams and the stench of exhaust fumes due to the lack of roads.

We want to see more cycling infrastructure, Peel will be adding some cycling infrastructure if the housing development ever gets underway at Lock Lane, we are aware Heath Farm Lane will also come with a cycle path, however do not think it will be to the benefit of the cycle network, the plans are to have one just for the development and add it to existing networks which really are a load of rubbish, poor signage and way to many corners and often the path is very narrow.

We will keep everyone up to date with what is going on regarding all the housing developments in and around the Partington area.

Lastly we object to all housing developments being built until additional road and shop infrastructure is in place and developers see some common sense, open their eyes a tad wider and see the community in Partington and further on are incredibly concerned about what is just about to hit them, with political people offering them false hope which is very unhelpful.


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