Stranger danger! we offer advice on how to keep your child safe

We have heard about several kids from different schools being approached by strangers in cars in the past few months.

These types of things are incredibly scary for the child and even more so for the parent or parents, sadly these types of things are on the rise and here we offer some tips to keep your child as safe as possible.

We don’t buy the idea that someone unknown coming up to a child in a car is acting normal or innocent, we reported recently that a child was approached by a man in Urmston and police did say that he could have been acting innocent, this is for us nonsense, if a stranger comes up to your child for any reason in this day and age it is not innocent.

Their have been times where people have been innocent, we recall a situation where a freindly man in Partington was just being that! freindly and gave some sweets or something to a couple of kids, who then got concerned and told the parent or parents who called police, once officers came out to see the man, the all clear was given because he meant no harm.

When your child leaves home for school, if walking it is always best to go in a group, or even just two, it is a known fact about safety in numbers, if your child has to go alone, make sure he or she takes a known route and stays clear of short cuts, keep in view at all times.

Make sure he or she has a mobile phone, and is topped up if on pay and go, it does not have to be the latest iPhone, if you are on a budget look for Nokia 8110 it’s really nice and the battery lasts a long time plus its 4G only £30/£50 

Get your child down to an athletic club, running away and fast is important if approached, it would be of no use if he or she is unfit or not fast enough to get away, we are talking about children between 12 and 18 here, anyone younger than 10 really should be accompanied by an adult.

We have said it before and will say it again, get your child down to a reputable martial arts or boxing club, not only will they make new pals and get fit, they will be tought to scan their environment, to keep switched on at all times and of course after a while will be able to fight someone off them with some ease.

In the event a man or woman approaches your child, make sure the head of the school is aware of the situation he or she will then call police and let other parents know someone is hanging around.

It is one to report on such things, it is though more important that our children are kept safe from people who’s minds are clearly twisted, safety is of paramount importance in what has become an increasingly dangerous borough.


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