Big discounts already to be had ahead of Black Friday could put people into serious debt

Shoppers online are already taking early advantage of the big discounts to be had ahead of Black Friday which officially starts on the 23rd November.

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Amazon are leading the way this year with some amazing discounts, mobile phones with 30% off, all amazon products are cheaper, and daily deals leading up to Black Friday.

Black Friday is an event that started in the US, where the world saw scenes that looked staged, people fighting over products was just crazy, we also saw the same issues over here in the UK.

At a Tesco store in Stretford in the early hours police were called after several people were fighting over discounted TV sets and other electronics, what was even more insane about this situation was staff at the Tesco store said they had enough stock for everyone and their was no need for the disturbance.

After other incidents around the country, the government had to step in and calmed things down, retailers were no longer offering deals so low they were giving them away!

Retailers in he high street need this years Black Friday event to be a good one, and on to Christmas, whilst Amazon and other online retailers offer huge discounts, we suggest where possible to buy from your high street store, where you will get the fun of buying items cheaper, and if its clothing or footwear you are after, you can try them on where online you cannot! big advantage for the high street retailer.

The best deals so far online and in store for clothing is ‘Go Outdoors’ they have some incredible deals for all the family and it’s not just waterproof clothing, Sports Direct have year round deals, they may bring back the £10 voucher again.

Amazon seems to be best with Tech at this time, it is the place for mobile phones, although Carphone Warehouse is also offering some fairly decent handsets, don’t look for Apple products the company are only rich because they over charge for something that probably only costs £50 to make.

It is thought this year more than any other year people will get into debt over Christmas, some taking to catalogues, and then many will end up with loans or even going crazy with their credit cards.

Whilst its easy for us to say ‘keep calm’ when spending all this money and getting yourself into serious debt, it is understandable at this time of year, if you are one of these people just remember to do the maths before doing anything, look at what you can afford not what your mind tells you.

Often your mind can be your worse enemy, it may tell you things like “Its alright you can afford it” or “You have a job so it will be alright” or other chattering, if you let that get to you this is where the trouble starts, it is alright at the time….go on spend away as you have a card or that loan.

It is when you get that bill it will hit you! and hit you hard, the joys of Christmas, all them great presents, that lovely dinner and lots of fun is history, the reality is now in black and white, you are in serious trouble! if you cannot pay what you owe.

You try to seek help, ring them frantically, the advisor is calm and polite (if you are lucky) she or he cannot reduce the amount, even if it could be done you are now being charged even more interest, the debt could be lingering around for years!

So this Black Friday get the bargains, enjoy doing that, remember if you are using your card, a loan remember the maths! then you will know when you have reached the line and the line you must not breach.


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