6 Greenpeace ativists detained at sea on board a dirty palm oil ship

Greenpeace are campaigning to stop big companies from using dirty palm oil that ruins forests and causes fires, and wild animals may become extinct.

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Image: Greenpeace 

Wilmar are producing the palm oil making things like Oreo Cookies, Kit Kat even Colgate Toothpaste! Palm Oil is in a lot of things.

The 6 activists from Greenpeace were detained on board one of them dirty palm oil ships  pictured above and not a lot is known what is happening to them although we have heard the last communication with the group said they are warm and safe.

Greenpeace have so far at the time of publishing have managed to get 1,014,492 signatures for their petition which you can also sign by clicking on the link https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/oreo?source=UN&subsource=FOIDPOPEUN02HK&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=UN&utm_campaign=FOIDPOPEUN02HK&utm_term=share

Greenpeace made a video about the orangutans and Iceland the frozen food retailer used it as a Christmas advert which was later banned to give it wider coverage.


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