Trafford MV was sunk by Widnes in cup competition at the weekend

Trafford MV had that ‘cup’ sinking feeling at the weekend by a high-flying Widnes side.

MV vs Widnes

From the start MV failed to establish themselves and allowed the away team to dominate proceedings.

It was inevitable that Widnes would be the first to score, they did and very early on in this game, although on a positive note Trafford’s Pat Eccles gave the home team a glimmer of hope.

Neither side seemed to have a structure to their game plan and each team were running the ball at every opportunity in a very open game with scattered defences. When MV slipped up Widnes were quick to take advantage and on the other foot MV failed to take the opportunities they had on a number of occasions.

The first half was fairly competitive and MV kept in the game always nipping back at Widnes with tries from Jamie  Kingdon, Pat Eccles and James Matthie but poor tackling was again a huge problem for MV.

Widnes had good support runners and half tackles from MV allowed ball to be played and momentum to be gathered by the attacking visitors.

At half time MV were still in with a shout at 20-28 but the second half simply drifted away from them. Widnes were allowed to play their game and the points all cam their way for an emphatic 9 try victory.

MV have yet another gap weekend in the new league structure, it will give MV time to iron out some of their frailties before getting back in action against Didsbury Toc H at the start of December.

With the Autumn International series in full flow MV will be showing the Internationals on each Saturday afternoon in November and viewers are very welcome to visit the club to watch the games.

Players of all ages and abilities are invited to come and play for Trafford MV and enjoy all the things being a part of a local sports club can bring you. For info please contact Wilf Dooley on 01942 884542



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