Climate change and its impacts on humanity

Climate change is real, humanity has the capabilities of changing things around.

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Already in the world not just the UK we have seen more droughts, warmer weather, more flooding, more intense storms, fires, and even sea level changes, this is only the beginning.

A study read says that by 2100 humanity will be under threat, we need to find a way to clean up our act.

Even here in Trafford we are adding to the crisis, how many cars do you need? do you need to go to the shop in your car? this is just one thing we can change.

Industry needs to take a giant look at itself, the amount of pollution they give off is off the scale, many get away with a lot of things!

Our oceans and canals are full of plastic contamination, and only in recent times we have found out there is a problem, what else is going on that they are not telling the public about?

You can do your part to help, we all can let’s do it, every little helps as Tesco says and its very accurate!

Airliners are one if not the worst offenders for polluting the atmosphere! sure they look great in the sky, many people go to the airport and take pictures of them, little understanding they have on what damage they are doing!

A 747-400 jumbo jet with 4 engines spews out tonnes of pollution into the atmosphere much of this actually lands back on earth, as it becomes frozen it falls and turns into vapour, it could also mix with normal clouds.

The biggest threat to earth is from the sea, once the ice caps have gone the water will rise on every continent, meaning coastal areas like Blackpool will have regular floods, even in Trafford we will see canals and rivers rise.

We need to tell governments to stop the felling of trees the very thing that helps us breathe! we need to tell them to make sure aircraft are no longer going to pollute our atmosphere or at least reduce it.

Big named companies like Pepsi and Coke need to do more to end plastics, including other companies, plastic use needs to be halted as soon as possible, we should clean up our beaches more and continue the effort to clean up our seas.

We can all do our bit now, it is not moaning, its saving humanity and no one no matter who you are, no matter what you are, no excuses can be made.

You can view more on the impacts on humanity http://impactsofclimatechange.info/index.php


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