Security services failures and its secrets about the Manchester Arena bomber

Security service MI5 and CTP (Counter Terrorism Police)  were too slow to catch the Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi according to a report released today.

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They knew that he had visited an extremist in prison on more than one occasion with no follow-up or action taken.

Abedi was not monitored or placed with any travel restrictions whilst travelling amd allowed him to return to the UK from the middle east unrestricted in the days before he carried out the attack at the Manchester Arena.

Salman Abedi had in fact been flagged for review, but MI5’s systems moved too slowly and the review had not happened prior to him launching his attack.

we also note in relation to Salman Abedi that, despite being known to MI5 from 2014, he was not at any point considered for a referral to the Prevent programme.

The report mentioned failings and lessons had still not been learned.

A part of this report mentioned that “There is a further issue which caused us serious concern in relation to Salman Abedi, but which we cannot comment on publicly due to highly sensitive security aspects, this is contained in the classified report sent to the Prime Minister for her to take action”

We find this secrecy frustrating , all information should be revealed more so to those involved in the Manchester Arena Attacks.

The report admits that a number of failings in the handling of Salman Abedi’s case however claim it would have been impossible to say whether the failings would have prevented the devastating attack on May 22nd and that they conclude that as a result of the failings opportunities to prevent it were missed



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