The Lion King 2019 exclusive movie trailer released

The Lion King trailer has been released showing some of the most amazing and life-like effects ever seen in a film.

Walt Disney Pictures have a sure-fire winner for 2019, the film directed by Jon Favereu is a remake of the 1994 classic and contains some of the original songs from that film.

The cast includes Beyonce, James Earl Jones and Donald Glover along with many others, music score is from Hanz Zimmer who has done many scores in his time including Kick Ass.

Beyonce will be the voice of Nala and Earl Jones continues to be the voice of Mufasa from the 1994 film.

Other media have said the film was “Live-action” however producers were quick to point out that the film uses photorealistic CGI which gives it that life-like effects.

The film opens in the US on July 19 next year and soon after in the UK although at this time no release date has been given.


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