Sale Square lights switched on with a difference this year

Every year Sale Square Shopping Centre has a Christmas lights switch on event, paid for by all the retailers.

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This year many more people attended and were delighted at what they saw, with many kids as they do every year take part in dancing, it was much better for them this year as it was less cold.

The time had come though to switch on the lights with some unknown radio presenters, one of which said “This year we are switching on the lights with no expense spared” did she mean something else?

Some crazy speech was made by a resident that no one could hear very well, probably just as well as this was a kids event not a political party broadcast! we could tell how no one either was interested or could hear anything anyway with zero applause.

The guests also oddly shouted about where people shopped! although the crowd now swelling to around 500/1000 were taking part, many was confused by this, what had that got to do with Christmas?

Every year the same old ‘Fake’ broken switch routine was done, not once not twice but three times, looking around even the kids were looking confused, was this a real fake as normal or were there technical problems? we shall never know! however all was fortunately working.

The lights finally came on with no cheer, the same plastic Christmas tree came on, and had less lights on it this year it seemed, looking around the square lights were seen, and the same blue lights running along the long walkway from School Road as last year which actually in the dark look impressive,

This though was for the kids and they all enjoyed themselves and can only be now in that Christmasy mood and looking forward to the big day when many presents will be opened.

We have to also remember those tha are not having any Christmas this year, some kids have been born into abusive and evil families, they do not deserve this and our hearts go out to them all, including many adults and older people who are often lonely over Christmas.

If anything we would have liked a collection for all these people and donated to Action For Children, and any charity that helps older people.

We will be doing all we can to help children who are not having any Christmas this year to have something to open on the big day by promoting Action for Children.


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