EU leaders back Theresa May’s Brexit deal

All 27 EU leaders have backed Theresa May’s withdrawal deal today November 25.

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May sent out a letter to everyone in the UK yesterday you can see this by clicking on this link https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/759018/PM_s_letter_to_the_nation.pdf

With everyone accepting the deal this must come as some relief for the UK prime minister, it is not over yet though, she will have to go back to parliament to get it passed and this is going to be hard work for the PM.

The feeling for most people is simply the entire thing is a complete joke and a people’s vote is needed, with millions around the country wanting this to happen, it seems the best way forward, sadly all has fallen on deaf ears, blinkered eyes!

We will be leaving the EU in a few months time, not a few years time! and parliament is the last stop, Labour will not back May, the DUP look like they are not going to back her plans, and even within her own party they do not like the look of it.

So what happens if Parliament decides against the plans, this would then get even more messy, DUP are keeping the Tories in government, if they withdraw then the possibility of a general election will take place.

If a general election does take place, Labour will win hands down this time around, and then everything will be different, we will stay in the EU and no Brexit will happen.

However if for some odd reason May’s plans for Brexit is passed, then the UK is doomed! what she has done is given more power to the EU than they have now, we would be like a puppet on a string, it’s a bad deal no matter what May says.

Nigel Farage of course has had his say, he wants out of course, but he is right, out must mean out and not be controlled by anyone in Brussels, May’s plans means we leave but have less control, so in effect we are in a worse situation.

Despite the letter to the people of the UK from Theresa May yesterday, she has already done some serious damage not only to herself, but also to her political party, that has been damaged previously due to the disgusting and barbaric way they treat disabled and vulnerable people in society.

We truly hope that a general election is called, to wipe the slate clean and have a government that will not only care more about the vulnerable better, but knows what it’s doing and where its going unlike the one in power now.

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