Trafford Council Street Champions scheme a success they need to bring back to life again

When Trafford Council decided to put in place a scheme that would give ordinary members of the public a chance to help fix the problems in their community we thought it was a great idea.

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Street Champions when it first started operating back in 2005 was manned by Trafford Council staff, once joined up you would get a pen and a notepad, and an email and phone number to ring through with your reports.

A nice chap called Mark Dale used to reply, and replied on every report, anything that was given in was acted upon fairly quickly, in 2018 your lucky to get a reply!

One resident who has been with the scheme since it started told us that the last report took One Trafford who are now it seems in charge with picking up the emails from Street Champions took over a month to respond.

The scheme actually has a few teething problems itself, and some confusion exists, for one how are you to help reduce the fear of crime? is that not what the police are supposed to be doing? at the time when Trafford Council had its own security patrol was it not for them to sort that out?

Street Champions though was a success despite the confusing wording on the website, it helped political councillors the most, often they wait for emails or calls from the public about fly tipping and potholes, even anti social behaviour, then once they get this message normally act on it sending the council and email.

When the councillor emailed through even now! the result was whatever was reported got dealt with within 3 days, sometimes on the same day! where as if a member of the public just emailed in, or sent a message on Twitter to One Trafford it would take a lot longer for them to respond!

As it stands today the scheme is still operating and it is hoped with this article something can be done to make Street Champions a scheme where people would be delighted to join doing something for their community.

You can find out more about Street Champions here http://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/community/community-safety/street-champions.aspx


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