Trafford police offer flowers to an elderly woman who was robbed in her own home in Old Trafford

An elderly woman was robbed in her own home in Old Trafford


pic: GMP Trafford North

Police were called out to the property during the evening of November 27th to Coleridge Road in Old Trafford.

The offenders smashed a rear window to gain access to the property, they sneaked in and went upstairs, the elderly lady thought to be in her 80’s was unaware of what was going on as she was in the living room of the property.

They ransacked bedrooms and took a small quantity of cash and some jewellery, to make it look like they did not do anything they pretended to be someone who was looking out for her claiming that “Someone has smashed your window” before checking further her living room for valuables then making off, leaving the elderly woman shocked and confused.

The offenders had dropped the jewellery in the panic to escape, the elderly woman put them back in her purse.

Police came back the next day with a bunch of flowers which is an incredibly kind-hearted gesture, the elderly woman was very happy to receive the flowers, a nice surprise after what must have been a frightening experience.

Security improvements are being made in the property after this burglary, and police are asking the public to get that light on! as burglars only target unlit property’s get motion sensors fitted, alarms, make sure all windows and doors are locked, and that includes elderly people in your family.

We would further enhance the security of an elderly parent or parents home by making sure they have a mobile phone at hand, or a landline phone so they can call someone in the event of a bad situation or if they are frightened.



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