Extended car park charging in Trafford could be a bad thing for business

Car parking in Trafford is set to get more expensive next year and the chargeable time increased from 2020.

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At the moment car parking on council land is charged from 8am to 6pm, under the new plans it will be from 8am until 8pm which the Tories are saying will kill businesses in the entire borough.

Charging to stay in a car park will also rise from next year if the proposals are passed, it will now be 50p for every half hour to park up in a car park or on a road side in Trafford.

For every 4-5 hours it will increase by £1 from £3 to £4 The proposal does not affect the 2 hours free/£1 all day tariff at specific car parks.

At the last council meeting, the Tories wanted to throw out the plans because they all felt business will suffer, one councillor said that Altrincham which has won another award this year has seen a 5% increase in footfall with 140 shops of which he claims 56 are independent, and 93 restaurants and bars with 74 being independent.

Labour hit back though saying that extending the time of the car park charging will help with the environment, they claim that people would use public transport and other ways of getting to town centres, this statement was also thumbed up by the Green Party.

Trafford has a dreadful problem with car ownership and the once sceptical motorist now admitting the space on our roads is getting shorter, we think anything that helps solve this crisis must be done which also will help with our other crisis “Pollution” which is truly off the scale.

We also have to remember that in reality people are not going to give up the car, car ownership will only increase, so people will stay away from the town centres in the borough, footfall will decrease and Altrincham,Sale and other areas in Trafford will be back to square one.

The motion was passed though at the last council meeting and charging it seems will be extended to 8pm,  though you can have your say though on the new plans by clicking the consultation below.



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