When Anxiety strikes! our helpful guide in what to do

Anxiety is something everyone has had at some point in their life, from pop stars and football players, anxiety does not care who you are.

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Some people suffer from anxiety in a bad way, even to the extent of that individual staying inside all the time because he or she is so frightened.

Treatments are available on the NHS and of course if you see your GP he or she will ask a psychologist to have a chat with you about the problems you face.

Anxiety can be the result of many things in your life here then are some tips to helping yourself if you have anxiety.

  • Reiki Healing is a must, it helps with everything, it’s at its best for anxiety related symptoms.
  • Never sleep too late! if you sleep until after 11am on any day presuming you do not work late hours, you will experience some anxiety feelings, your brain still is in sleep mode for the rest of the day.
  • Never drink or take anything with caffeine inside it, coffee, coke, even some chocolates contain a small amount of the substance.
  • Get Out! yes it is easier said than done, if you are suffering bad the only way t get rid of this is to hit it head on and not avoid anything, the more you do this the faster you can win the battle.
  • Do not beat yourself up over anything, this will put you back so be nice to yourself
  • Do something, anything! do not spend your life sitting down on a couch drinking tea watching daytime TV, get out even if its cold outside, if you are unemployed or cannot work due to your disability, there is always something you can do.
  • Eat as well as you can, consuming chippy meals are nice, this though should be two or even just one day a week,look for fresh foods and consume at least 1 pint of water a day, you will be surprised to hear that much of the dizzy spells that you get because of anxiety are to do with a lack of water…try it! get a big bottle of Evian or Volvic and drink it in one day, keep doing this for a nother two days and watch what happens!
  • Get yourself into groups,if you have a mental ill-health issue then ask your care co-ordinator about joining in on a group, there are several groups across Trafford such as New Way Forward, and Blu Sci have many things for people to do and of course you will find people with the same issues.
  • Take the dog for a walk, having a pet more so if you are on your own is a brilliant idea, although if you are disabled you can get a cat, if you are able though get yourself a dog, and take him or her for a regular walk, this will help with your fitness and your mind, many people have found lasting friendships this way, and some have even found love!
  • Get a bike! yes no matter how fit you are everyone can ride a cycle, or learn to ride one which will take as little as an hour at best! it is that simple, cycling is one of the best sports out there for people even with pain since it is none impact, you will though need to understand the rules of the roads and how to keep safe.
  • Get into Politics! yes anyone can do this and you will meet loads of new people, and will be kept busy, of course you will need to know what is going on in your area and have the desire for change.
  • Take your medication, always listen to your GP, sometimes medication can calm things down and often it does, it will help everyone with anxiety and feeling low.

Anxiety is a cloak that you invented! it’s the fight or flight thing we have within us, and sometimes it’s activated when it did not have to, there is nothing to be scared about and you do not have to avoid anything.

Take it one step at a time, reach obtainable goals and you will be free once more to get on with your day.


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