Bad motorists win the war for now! at a dangerous junction in Sale


Residents concerned about a dangerous junction on Washway Road in Sale have been largely fobbed off by the council.


The junction at ‘The Drive’ and the A56 Washway Road is incredibly dangerous, with cars and vans turning right in the left hand lane and cutting right through to Langdale Road where some drivers are seen using the car parking spaces for the shops to try to beat the traffic.

The council did a small trial which residents all agreed worked well, it was for us nothing but a fob off! they had no money to do anything with this junction.

The survey though got 206 responses with 15 submitting comments without giving a preference of three options, sadly 100 wanted no action to be taken and that beat the 91 who wanted something to happen.

As a consultation to the 91 who will be feeling very disappointed tonight was that Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western offered to speak to Greater Manchester Police about taking enforcement.

We would like to point out this has already taken place, and Mr Western is also reminded that the police are so stretched they probably will not deal with this situation and even in the event they did, it will only be for a day or two.

It is now up to the leader of the protest group and all the others to have another meeting and find another plan of action to take for next year, this is about safety, and we fully support this group.

A letter is to be sent out in the next few days by the council  to all residents who responded, it will delight those acting in a criminal and irresponsible way no doubt, however it might be you that the paramedics will be picking up from the ground one day! so we would advise all motorists using this junction in the wrong way that your stupid actions could result in injuries to yourself or worse.

To the council we suggest next time that you do not take a vote on people’s safety, it was like a human lottery,  we know full well the real reason behind all this, it was not so much the survey, it was to do with money! it would have been much better had you told the truth from the start, not use a smoke screen to try to fob people off which in our opinion has happened.

Political point scoring in the document seen was disgraceful, this is about safety at a dangerous junction on one of the most polluted roads in Greater Manchester.





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