Blocked drains causing small ponds to form on Washway Road in Sale

Fed up residents are sending in messages and videos of big puddles some the size of small ponds on many parts of Washway Road in Sale.

Blocked drains are mostly responsible for the huge puddles as the rain continues to fall and it is for One Trafford to fix the issue, we have reported the problem and await a quick response.

Sale resident Tilly Burrows sent in this video at the Park Road/A56 junction showing how bad things are, Tilly said she had to wait for over 5 minutes to cross the road and was soaked when she got home.

A huge puddle as can be seen in the photograph given to us actually causing an obstruction on a pavement outside a garage on Washway Road.

A huge puddle has formed on the corner of The Drive which could cause issues, of course the biggest issue when puddles like this form is that pedestrians get soaked.

In the past at a council meeting held at Trafford Council, Trafford Lib Dems have been very concerned about the drainage issue and asked the then Tory administration to get something done about it.


Pic: Vicky Wilson

Vicky Wilson a resident in Sale said on Twitter “This is the pavement outside our school Poor children got soaked on the way in & will be soaked on the way home Crazy!” the school in question is Tyntesfield Prmary school.

It seems other areas of Trafford are experiencing the same issues, anymore rainfall and some roads will vanish, we have seen pictures from Stretford of a road that will probably end up vanishing under water simply because the drains are blocked


(Cover pic : Washway Road Action Group)


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