Trafford Council has got its priorities all wrong with road safety

Trafford Council now under the Labour administration needs to take its head and look to the horizon instead of looking towards the rear to see the mess our roads are in because of a huge rise in cars on the roads and drivers simply behaving in a dreadful and dangerous way.

Some of these roads are incredibly dangerous, we all know about Washway Road and of course the junction of doom at the Drive in Sale , it is though without doubt Sinderland Lane that is the most dangerous road in Trafford.

This year the country lane with a 60mph speed limit has seen numerous collisions simply because of the speeds some motorists are doing and of course the amount of cars on the road.

In the video a cyclist records some very dangerous driving, this is going on all the time,no police are ever seen on this road unless a crash has happened, no speed resitrictions are in place and it took residents months to get the council to fill in the many potholes seen last year, where even a 247 bus got stuck for hours.

For all users something must change on the road and we are to campaign for this change very soon so please particpate once we have launched this.

We cannot believe the council saying it has no money for anything to do with safety when they blow almost £5m on Trafford Courthouse and other useless projects, it right and proper to question why residents were fobbed off by the council over The Drive junction with Washway Road, and to hold what was just a stupid delaying tactic of a vote, when the council had no real intentions of keeping things safe.

Sinderland Lane has to be looked at no matter what and we will not take any fob offs from the council, safety has to be a priority and this council needs to know that! 


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