2018 was a year like no other we look back to what made the news

With only a few weeks left of 2018 we look back on what was a year like no other here in Trafford and around us.

The biggest story we published was the wildfires of the summer, it was a huge story, we also covered the fires started deliberately on woodland off Sinderland Lane and behind Cherry Lane in Sale.

We covered many protests, winning ones like the Turn Moss protest group who got covered by national media to the Washway Road Action Group who have been fobbed off by the council, this will only make them more determined to get what is right, the junction at The Drive and Washway Road safe, we expect much more action in the coming weeks and months.

We helped out Partington much more this year, and more of the same next year as we will see more housing developers try to get planning permission for small villages! without building roads and shopping infrastructure which will ultimately be bad for existing residents.

Crime was an issue this year, in some areas it got worse in others about the same as last year, we saw less police on the roads, and some of them were taken out of duty for a councillor who found it hard to take a bit of criticism and similarly does not have a sense of humour! qualities it is thought you need in that job.

This year we saw more car collisions in Trafford, police did not always report on some crashes so we expect the figure to be much higher, car collisions are the result of poor driving standards many running a red, one car ran a red and crashed! he caused a three car collision that day in Sale.

Cycling was a bit more in the media this year than normal which is good to see, Trafford is in dire need of cycling infrastructure, having seen all the plans by ex pro cyclist Chris Boardman and welcome any help to keep cyclists safe, we cannot though accept that a bit of paint on a road will keep anyone safe! this is not proper infrastructure…yet another fob off!

Pollution and climate change was big in all media this year, and who could forget the Iceland food advert that was banned, this advert was actually a Greenpeace video about the use of Palm Oil.

Jose Mourinho was in the news and will continue to be with his erratic press conferences and media interviews, United’s season is the worst for years although currently still in the Champions League, United’s neighbours City are again in a higher place and expect to win the Premier League this season, actually if the wind is favourable they could win the Grand National if they entered!

Welsh Pro Cyclist Geraint Thomas won the Tour De France, even the England football team look they could win an egg and spoon race under manager Gareth Southgate.

It has been a roller coaster ride of a year, and we have not even spoke about Brexit yet!

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage and expect bigger things in the new year, our service will continue right through Christmas and new year.


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