Fix360 may not survive after the foreseeable future

pic: YHG

Your Housing Group’s in house fix everything company has made a loss since it replaced Cruden in June last year.

Fix360 needs to be in good shape or it might well be this part of the housing group may go under leaving a huge problem for its customers.

The balance sheets do not look good though with only £1,337 in reserves how can this part of Your Housing Group survive? it would need funding from the group who are in good shape financially.

Documents seen say that Fix360 LTD will be alright for the foreseeable future, this is not a guarantee it will survive and does not fill anyones boots with any real confidence.

The service they provide is good enough according to our research, not many complaints against it so far which is a good thing for this arm of the housing group who have nothing but complaints against it.

The housing group have lost many people, they operate in an unusual way, instead of housing officers they employ property agents, and instead of Community Safety they employ Legal Co ordinators.

The housing has almost withdrawn from the very people that keep it alive maybe just to save a few quid here or there, when in an area like Partington it needs to be a big part of the community, and at this time despite the odd thing here or there they might aswell be on the moon.

Fix360 has to be a success and we hope it will be, it can though only be this way, if the people on the board really understand what is needed, and what is going on at ground level, as we have read from previous staff those at boardroom level live on another planet and do not see the problems in the communities they serve.

For more information on Fix360LTD and account information click here https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10800044/filing-history


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