SCS helping to create some very unhappy customers this Christmas

The furniture and carpet business called SCS which operates from White City Retail Park in Old Trafford and many other stores up and down the UK seems to have many unhappy customers these days.

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pic: Google Maps

Some people are complaining with the aftercare side of things, where in some cases customers are being left with no sofa or carpet for weeks.

One customer bought a carpet in good faith that it would have been fitted in time for Christmas, and after several calls to customer services and even going down to a store she still has no carpet.

It seems the issue is with the way SCS runs the business, employing self-employed carpet fitters, some of these fitters do not turn up when they said they would do, the company needs to look at this as a serious matter.

We have heard of drivers delivering the goods even having rows!, and in one case we read one customer had his product damaged by a driver before he even got it through the door! on another incident the drivers delivered a sofa for a man, it turned out the sofa would not fit proper and the customer needed some help getting it through the door, both drivers allegedly left without helping the man.

Looking at reviews and social media we do not see many happy people who have bought from this company of late and hope that management gets to grip of the situation so that people in the future will have more trust in them and a better experience all round.

SCS is a well-known Company and is an important brand on the high street.

We have since contacted SCS for comments.


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